Morozko is the first ice bath for sale that maintains freezing cold temperatures.  Unlike a cold tub, a cold plunge, or a cold shower, Morozko ice baths make their own ice.  Microfiltration and ozone disinfection ensure crystal-clear cold water, empowering daily cold water therapy practice year-round. 


When the Morozko ice bath was invented back in late 2018, there was no such thing anywhere in the world as an ice bath that made ice.  There were some do-it-yourself (DIY) videos for converting chest freezers and lots of advice about how to buy ice from the corner store to make a one-time ice plunge out of an old garbage can or stock tank, but there was nothing practical for people who wanted to practice an ice bath every day.

Now there is.

And the Morozko is still the only ice bath in the western hemisphere that makes its own ice.

Morozko is designed to support a healthy lifestyle, not diagnose, cure, or prevent specific diseases or medical conditions.  While evidence supports the aid that ice baths can have on certain lifestyle improvements, Morozko ice baths are not medical devices and have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Seek medical advice from your physician before embarking on any program of deliberate cold exposure.

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Morozko comes with up to a 5-year warranty on all newly purchased products. Need some additional assistance? Contact us at Tel: 1 844 441 FAST (3278) or E-Mail:

Perfect In-Home

The Morozko Ice Bath is perfect for your in-home cold plunge practice and is the only cold tub manufactured in North America that makes its own ice. Available in three lengths,  all new Morozko Ice Baths come standard with a cedar frame, spa lid in choice of color, microfiltration and ozone disinfection, digital temperature control, and a minimum 3-year warranty.

The Morozko Difference

Morozko ice baths are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. and built to the highest quality standards. Our machines feature expertly designed, built-in microfiltration and ozone disinfection systems and, of course, make their own ice.

Handmade Custom Creations

​Morozko is for people who are obsessed with having the coldest, cleanest, safest ice bath in the world.  Because all Morozko are made by hand from natural wood, no two Morozko are the same.  With a range of customizable options available, Morozko ice baths are the clear choice for those who want a high-quality machine that allows them to focus less on equipment set-up and maintenance and more on longevity, health, and wellness goals.

Morozko Ice Bath - Spa LidMorozko Ice Bath - Spa Lid
Morozko Ice Bath - Spa Lid
Sale priceFrom $19,600.00
Morozko Ice Bath PRO - Spa LidMorozko Ice Bath PRO - Spa Lid
Morozko Ice Bath PRO - Spa Lid
Sale priceFrom $33,600.00
Morozko Ice Bath - Wood LidMorozko Ice Bath - Wood Lid
Morozko Ice Bath - Wood Lid
Sale priceFrom $21,350.00
Morozko Ice Plunge PROMorozko Ice Plunge PRO
Morozko Ice Plunge PRO
Sale price$33,600.00
Morozko Ice PlungeMorozko Ice Plunge
Morozko Ice Plunge
Sale price$25,200.00
Morozko Ice Bath PRO - Wood LidMorozko Ice Bath PRO - Wood Lid
Morozko Ice Bath PRO - Wood Lid
Sale priceFrom $35,350.00


  • Pre-and-Post Workout Assistance
  • Inflammation
  • Stress Support
  • Sexual Health & Wellness
  • Cognitive and Mental Support
  • Mitochondrial Health