Morozko Ice Bath - Spa Lid

Color: Desert Tan
Size: 60"
Style: NO Cedar Cladding Finish
Sale price$19,600.00

MOROZKO ICE BATH is ideal for personal, at home use and low-volume commercial applications. It is the only cold plunge manufactured in North America that makes its own ice. Morozko Ice Bath is available in three lengths, comes standard with a
natural tung oil finish, cedar frame, microfiltration and ozone disinfection, digital temperature control, 3-year warranty, and durable spa lid in your choice of color.

Your Morozko Ice Bath includes microfiltration and ozone disinfection to maintain clean, sanitized water without use of chlorine, water stabilizers, or toxic chemicals. There is no need for a plumbing connection or a drain line. All Morozko are designed to be free-standing, operate without regular water changes, and are warrantied for Epsom
salt. An inlet strainer removes hair and other coarse materials before they reach the pump, and it requires your daily inspection or cleaning.

A US standard, three-pronged, 110V power cord with an inline Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt GFCI delivers power. (International and 220V wiring configurations are available upon request). The tub and water are electrically grounded via the power cord to ensure safety & provide the positive health benefits of grounding (earthing) your

A digital temperature controller allows you to set any water temperature, right down to 32F (0C) even when surrounding temperatures are above 110F. During winter, a separate warming circuit keeps the filter, pump, and piping from freezing up in outdoor temperatures as low as -10F for up to 12 consecutive hours when the filter
pump is on.

The cedar frame and marine-grade plywood is protected by an all-natural tung oil Exoshield finish. Regular reapplication of the Morozko-recommended tung oil will extend the durability of your exterior. (See LIDS section below for requirements related to the premium wooden lid).

Your Morozko Ice Bath is protected by a 3-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects and malfunction. If you are not ecstatic with your purchase after 30 days of taking delivery, you may return your Ice Bath for a refund of your purchase price, less shipping. Morozko does not charge restocking or other extraneous return fees.
Your Ice Bath is designed for in-home and light commercial use for up to 90 minutes per day of plunge time while maintaining ice. For more intensive use, consider the Morozko Ice Bath PRO.

All Ice Baths are built 24” wide and weight up to 375lb empty (1000lb full). You may choose from among three different lengths:

60” length tub with 32" x 84" footprint
66” length tub with 32" x 90" footprint
72” tub with 32" x 96" footprint

Standard lids are lightweight, durable vinyl-clad spa covers that can be installed indoors or out. (Color options available upon request). Choose the premium wooden lid upgrade for a more attractive appearance indoors, or for sheltered outdoor use when protected from direct sunlight and rainfall.

NOTE: Upgraded wooden lids require placement of your Ice Bath either indoors or outdoors under cover from direct sunlight, rain, snow, lawn sprinklers or other sources of excessive moisture. Regular reapplication of the Morozko recommended tung oil will greatly extend the life of your wooden lid.

Ice Bath are built to order in 3-5 weeks, depending on current production flow. Choose expedited or air freight delivery options at checkout to speed delivery of your order.60”


Morozko ice baths are sold for personal, recreational use. Ice baths are not medical devices, and do not treat nor diagnose disease. Morozko ice baths and related marketing claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cold water immersion entails health risks. Customers are responsible for their own safety and cold plunge at their own risk. Consult your medical doctor about risks and benefits specific to your conditions. Anyone with a history of hypertension (high blood pressure) should not practice ice baths without medical supervision.


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