Lightweight, portable, and intuitive. Perform a 3D body scan in seconds using a simple turntable and a 3D camera. In just 35 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in 3D.


Revolutionize the way you train, recover, and assess your wellness journey. Using cutting-edge 3D technology, you can visualize your progress beyond the scale or 2D models. Take advantage of built-in coaching tools, digital reporting, assessment screening, and mobile scanning using results-driven technology.

Styku provides 99.6% measurement reliability in less than 40 seconds, guaranteeing even the smallest shape changes from your body contouring treatments are easy to track.   

- Visualize quantifiable measurements

- Pan, zoom, and overlay patient 3D images

- Highlight shape and circumference changes

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Take the guesswork out of your health journey with real, visible results. See your progress in the moment with live scanning that consistently tracks your results.