Game Ready Med4Elite Control Unit


A breakthrough, multi-modality, dual-user recovery system, the innovative Med4 Elite® integrates iceless cold, controllable heat, contrast, and compression therapies like never before – delivering comprehensive, flexible, streamlined, and proven treatment options for different users, injuries, surgeries, and diverse stages of rehabilitation. With the Med4 Elite, you have an unprecedented therapeutic tool for helping decrease pain and swelling, reducing opioid consumption, reducing joint and muscle stiffness, and increasing blood flow to the treatment site. All to help patients and athletes get back to what matters


Vendor: HealFaster Canada SKU: 650500-EN01Categories: Game Ready

Intuitive touchscreen controls and simple operation

Flexible treatment options for two patients simultaneously

Compatibility with existing Game Ready ATX® wraps

Dimensions: 26˝ W x 43˝ H x 33˝

Empty Weight: 172 lbs.

Hose Connections: 2 ports, 2 holsters

Two 8' Connector Hoses

Two 7' Power Cords

Wheels: 4, lockable


Set Heat and Cold Minimum and Maximum temperature, in °F or °C.

Set Heat and Cold Cycle time and total Therapy time.

Set Compression level for Heat to Low or None.

Set Compression level for Cold to Low, Medium-Low, Medium, High, or None.

Other Features.

Start Rapid Contrast Therapy with either Heat or Cold Therapy.


Set total Therapy time.

Set Compression level to Low, Medium-Low, Medium, or High.