Game Ready Hand/Wrist Sleeve


**Purchase Price is for sleeve only**

Game Ready Replacement Sleeves

Game Ready Sleeves are affordable wraps made to be placed around your ATX Wrap, but not sold in place of the ATX Wrap. External Game Ready Sleeves are compatible with the ATX Wrap and must be used in combination with the inner heat exchangers for more functional application. 

Vendor: HealFaster Canada SKU: 510811Categories: Game Ready

Size: One size fits all, adjustable for comfort and fit

Fit: Universal – either hand

Features: Adjustable ergonomic hand support, customizable insulation zones

**Purchase Price is for wrap only**

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Distal radius fracture

Knuckle (MCP Joint) replacement

Pain management

Sprains, strains, fractures

Tendon repair


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