Game Ready CT Spine Wrap Assembled with ATX (For use with Game Ready Pro 21 Only!)


The all-new C-T Spine Wrap combines specialized features, integrated coverage, and targeted compression to optimize pain relief and cold therapy of the cervical-thoracic spine, trapezius, upper pectorals, and side of the neck – all in a non-narcotic application. 

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Vendor: HealFaster Canada SKU: 590502-03Categories: Game Ready

Size: Fits chest sizes 38″ to 55″, necks 15.75″ to 19.5″

Features: Targeted compression, expandable and adjustable chest straps for comfort and fit, ergonomic center chest opening, neck collar, customizable insulation for ears

Targeted compression to prevent constriction of the chest/spine

Expandable and adjustable chest straps for comfort and fit

Ergonomic center chest opening

Neck collar with plastic supports for optimal cooling

Customizable insulation for ears for comfort and safety

Anatomically engineered

Low-profile, circumferential design and use of patented NASA technology to provide dual-action delivery, optimal coverage, and better surface contact for more effective hot and cold therapy treatment

Easy to apply

Comfortable to wear

Degenerative spine disorders

Immediate post-whiplash injuries

Over-activity injuries (acute neck sprains and strains)

Pain management

Spinal surgery (disc replacement, scoliosis etc)