NormaTec Power Boot Pair (Short, Standard, Tall)


Our full-length leg attachments feature five overlapping zones for gapless compression, premium materials, and a custom foot design that applies compression to the bottoms of the feet without squeezing the toes uncomfortably. Leg recovery has never been this good


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The NormaTec is the next generation of athlete recovery. The Leg Recovery System gives you fresh legs faster, helps you warm up pre-workout, and recover right post training and competition. Trusted by 97% of pro teams, NormaTec's patented technology increases circulation, reduces pain and soreness, and gives you that competitive edge. 

Includes NormaTec two leg attachments

Compact, lightweight design (3.6 lb device)

Customizable time, pressure, and zone setting

Zone Boost feature

Reinforced, durable construction

Two-year warranty on all components

Sizing: Standard for individuals 5' 4" to 6' 3", Tall for individuals 6' 4" and over, and Short for individuals 5' 3" and under.

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Short, Standard, Tall